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If I am accepted, how long does it take to move into my home?

There are many factors that contribute to the timeline from application to move in. 

Much of the process is driven by the homebuyer and can vary in time depending on the amount of work that needs to be done to meet mortgage-readiness, the home search, and the mortgage process. 

We will process your application within 30 days of submission and verify if you are program eligible. If you meet program eligibility, you will work with a Homeownership Advisor to assess you finances work towards mortgage-readiness. Time spent working with your advisor to meet mortgage criteria can vary from 1-2 months to over 1 year, this time caries based on credit and financial stability.

When you meet mortgage-ready criteria, you will have the option on how to proceed in your homebuying journey. If you decide to move forward with the Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program, you will have the option to view Habitat properties you are eligible to purchase or work with TCHFH Lending, Inc. for a pre-approval to shop the Open Market. 

After completion of the program and identification of the homebuying path that works for you, you will start the home search. Finding the property that works best for you and your family can become a time-consuming process and a major contributor to this time-frame. 

It is hard to define any time-frame for the process from beginning to end because every homebuyer, and their situation is unique, but we try to set the expectation that you can be in the program for at least 1 year.