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Advancing Black Homeownership

At Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, we are building forward with intention by centering our work around those most historically impacted by racist housing practices. Our new Advancing Black Homeownership Program responds to community feedback, removes barriers to homeownership, and aims to narrow racial disparities in housing.

Advancing Black Homeownership - Pilot

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is currently piloting a bold new program designed to advance Black homeownership across the Twin Cities seven-county metro area. 

The Advancing Black Homeownership Program is designed for applicants who self-identify as Foundational Black Americans—Black or African American Minnesotans who are descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States. This group faces the steepest barriers to accessing a mortgage and the widest disparities in rates of homeownership.

This pilot program is only available to current Habitat clients; we are not accepting new clients to the Advancing Black Homeownership Program at this time.

If you would like to stay informed about this pilot and the upcoming Advancing Black Homeownership Program from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, please fill out the form below to receive email updates.

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