Homebuying Basics

Renting vs. Buying
Determining Your Needs vs. Wants When Buying a Home
Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages: The Basics
Additional Costs to Being a Homeowner
Budgeting Your Monthly Cost of Owning a Home
Understand Your First Home's Down Payment

Credit, Debt, and Finances

Getting Your Financial House in Order to Buy a Home
Understanding Your Credit Score
Understanding Credit and Your Credit Report
How to Pick and Manage a Credit Card
Understanding Debt and How to Pay It Off Strategically
Collections, Charge Offs, and Judgments: What They Are & How to Get them Resolved

Making an Offer and Closing

How to Get Your Offer Accepted on a House
Pre-Closing Tasks: Preparing to Meet with your Loan Officer
What To Do (And Not Do) Once Your Receive A Mortgage Loan Approval
What to Expect at a Home Closing
3 Documents When Closing Your Home
What Are Repair Addendums?

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