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When a payment is missed this process begins:
  • Lender calls and sends a letter stating a payment was missed.
  • Homeowner receives Default and Intent to Foreclose Notice.
  • Homeowner receives Preforeclosure Notice.
  • The account is given to a foreclosure attorney and legal fees can begin accruing.

Sheriff’s Sale scheduled by the attorney

Redemption period follows the Sheriff’s Sale

  • Typically six months (12 months if agricultural).
  • Shortened to five weeks if property is abandoned or Sheriff’s Sale was postponed by homeowner.
  • Homeowners may stay in their home during the redemption period.
  • To redeem and keep the property, homeowners must pay off Sheriff’s Sale price plus interest and fees.
  • At the end of the redemption period homeowners must vacate or face eviction.
  • See the entire foreclosure timeline on a calendar.

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