Get the tools you need to succeed!

  • Affordable monthly mortgage payments- at or below 30% of your household income
  • One-on-one financial advising with a customized action plan to manage your budget, pay off debt, understand credit, and save for your home purchase
  • Homebuyer education classes prepare you for the responsibilities of homeownership
  • Post-purchase support provides maintenance advice, resources, and opportunities to connect with your community
  • We are a trusted partner. For over 30 years, Twin Cities Habitat has helped more than 1,100 families buy an affordable home. We are the #1 builder of ENERGY STAR homes in Minnesota, and 86.4% of every dollar entrusted to our organization goes directly to support our programs and services. 

Program Criteria

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity's Financial Coaching and Homeownership Program offers free one-on-one financial coaching to help you budget, pay down debt, understand credit, and save for the future. This gets you financially mortgage ready for our Homeownership Program where you learn the responsibilities of homeownership through Homebuyer Education and Training. 

General Criteria

You may be eligible if...

  • you’ve lived in Twin Cities seven-county metro area for at least one year
  • you meet our income eligibility guidelines
  • you haven’t owned a home or any land during the past three years (waived for U.S. military members and veterans; owners of manufactured homes are eligible if they do not own the land where their manufactured home is/was located)

Financial Criteria*

  • Maintain Annual Gross Income between 30-80% of the area median income (see chart below) from initial intake to loan application

  • Credit Score: 620+ preferred 

    • Minimum credit score of 580 with financial coaching
    • Options available for those with invisible credit/no credit
  • Collections less than $2,000 unpaid collections; less than $4,000 if all medical collections

  • Less than $1,000 in judgments and liens combined

  • Monthly debt payments equal to no more than 18% of gross monthly income

  • Two years since discharged from bankruptcy, one year of new credit, with no late payments or default

  • One-year continuous employment, or two years if self-employed

*Habitat mortgages are provided through our subsidiary, TCHFH Lending Inc. Click here to learn more about the requirements that need to be met to qualify for a TCHFH Lending Inc. mortgage.

Income Guidelines

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity reviews and updates these income guidelines annually and reserves the right to revise these guidelines at any time. 

Income Guidelines

View Habitat Homes for Sale

Browse our current Habitat home listings to view properties that are currently for sale.  These listings are updated on a monthly basis, to show which properties have been added and/or sold, so check back often!

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The Process

watch HFH video.png

1. Introduction and Application

Watch online videos about buying with Habitat.


Mortgage ready.png

2. Mortgage Ready

Your financial coach will work with you to set goals and build a plan to become mortgage ready. If you are already mortgage ready, your coach will work with you to choose a homebuying path.

3. Choose a Homebuying Path

Based on your household size and income, you may be eligible to buy a Habitat home or buy a home on the open real estate market.

Buy a Habitat home.png

Buy a Habitat home

Habitat builds and renovates a limited number of homes each year in the seven county metro area.

  • Habitat's home selection process
    Homes available for purchase are viewed monthly.
  • Homebuyer education and required volunteer hours
    Learn about homeownership through our education courses. When you select a Habitat home to purchase, you're required to complete volunteer hours on Habitat home builds.
Open Market.png

Buy a home on the open market

Work with a realtor to find a home for sale on the open real estate market in the seven county metro area.

  • Homebuyer education
    Learn about homeownership through our education courses.
  • Get pre-approved with TCHFH Lending, Inc. 
    Pre-approval letters give you an idea of what homes you can afford.
  • Search for homes with a realtor
    Work with any realtor you choose or Habitat can provide a list of realtors familiar with Habitat.
submit loan application.png

4. Submit Loan Application

Once you find a home to purchase, then you apply for a mortgage through TCHFH Lending, Inc.

happy family.png

5. Close on your Home

Complete the home closing process and get the keys to your new home!

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Not ready for our program?

Work with one of our referral partners to prepare for Habitat Homeownership! 


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