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Use Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity's mortgage calculator to estimate how much you can afford using TruePath Mortgage vs. a traditional mortgage.

How Much Could Your Mortgage Cost?

When considering all the factors that go into buying a home, your budget is one of the most important. Buying a mortgage that is affordable ensures that homeownership will provide stability, rather than anxiety.

Using the TruePath Mortgage (provided by TCHFH Lending, Inc), first-time homebuyers in the Twin Cities metro area can use an affordable mortgage to buy a home built by Habitat for Humanity, or a home on the open market. Homebuyers must complete Habitat's Homeownership Program in order to access the TruePath Mortgage.

You can use the mortgage calculator below to estimate what you may be able to afford with a TruePath Mortgage, compared with a traditional mortgage.

Our calculator generates an estimate of what you may be able to afford based on your income. The calculation is based on the following criteria (these criteria may change at any time):

  • Interest rate (3% fixed)

  • Mortgage term (30 years)

  • Property tax escrow (1.5% of the desired home's price, divided over 12 months)

  • Homeowner’s insurance escrow (0.69% of the desired home's price, divided over 12 months)

  • Maintenance fund contribution of $50 per month

  • Maximum monthly payment set at 30% of your income

  • The calculated APR is based on the estimated first mortgage and interest rate. Actual APR may vary.

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*Note: Interest rates are subject to change and may affect your mortgage calculator results.


Understanding Our Calculator

There are a few important things to understand about the calculator:

  • This calculator does not determine your actual mortgage amount.
  • This does not guarantee Habitat can contribute the full assistance amount listed.
  • To qualify for a Habitat mortgage, you need to meet all income and other underwriting criteria.
  • Even if your affordability indicates you can afford more, a purchase with a Habitat mortgage would be limited to our maximum loan amount.

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